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Who’s your Mommy? Mmmommy’s Falafel (Remembering Eugene – Pt. 5)

January 31, 2010

Oh that sign… that place

That sign… that place brings back so many fond memories.  It is one of the symbols that represents the Eug  and many happy times and memories for us.  If you are ever in Eugene you MUST try Mommy’s Falafel.  Don’t let it being in a gas station scare you. That is all part of the charm.  I believe before coming to Eugene the owners had a restaurant and they have plans for opening a stand alone restaurant in Eugene.  Right before we moved they updated the food area (which you can see a little bit of in some of the pictures below) and made it pretty cool looking.  But, even before that it was still awesome.  This is probably one of the greatest finds in the history of personkind.  Beats having to make do with chips or cookies or  finding places such as Subway or Quiznos in a gas station any day of the week.  Not to mention the owners are a family and extremely friendly.

Here is me waiting for our food to be done. 

That huge smile is partly because I knew that I  soon would be having the deliciousness that is Mommy’s Falafel and fries which when combined with a soda/pop (depending on your preference ;))  is the Falafel Combo.  We are a fan of having them add hot sauce and highly suggest you do as well.

But the smile was more so because of the company that I had (Wozzie).  Finding/eating tasty food is awesome  but sharing the experience with good company is what makes it really great  and awesome and takes it “Over the Top” (Pretty awesome movie that you should check out.  Trust me ;)).  If you have that always make sure to take advantage of  it and appreciate it.

For some reason  they always gave me the messy sammie

and always gave Wozzie the neat sammie.


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  1. wozzie permalink*
    February 1, 2010 11:40 PM

    This is your best post yet. Really. 😀

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