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Let Live NW Animal Rights Conference 2009 (LLNWAR2009) in Portland June 26-28 & Animal Rights 2009 National Conference (AR2009) in Los Angeles July 16-20. Attend one, have some fun, & find out what needs to be done!

June 17, 2009

In the next 30 days there will be two major conferences in the USA and both are happening on the West Coast. June 26-28 the Let Live NW Animal Rights Conference 2009 (LLNWAR2009) will be held in Portland,OR at Portland State University in the SmithMemorial Building. July 16-20 the Animal Rights 2009 National Conference (AR2009) will be held in Los Angeles,CA at the Westin LAX.

Each conference has multiple sponsors and organizers (far to many to list them all. For a full list check out the website for each conference). The “Let Live” conference is being sponsored/organized by “Vegans for Animal Advocacy, with support from Let Live Foundation as well as local area businesses such as Herbivore Clothing, and Food Fight Grocery“. The “AR2009” conference is being sponsored/organized by FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement), In Defense of Animals (IDA), and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

The conferences can be many things and serve many purposes. The obvious purpose that they serve is to educate people in multiple areas of AR. With so many speakers/events/videos you can pick and choose what you would like to learn about. Secondly, they provide a time and place for like minded people to come together and be able to relax and share their lives with each other. Which leads to the third purpose of having fun. You can eat, drink, go to a nearby animal sanctuary, stay up late talking, and so on. While I (rahzh) have never attended “Let Live” I did attend AR2007 and I can say without a doubt that it served all three of these purposes.

After you leave you feel a sense of being rejuvenated and wanting to do more. This happens because not only will you learn new information but you will be around people similar to yourself and have fun doing it which is important. After leaving you may also feel a little sad though especially if in your day to day life you are not around so many like minded people. Still very much worth it.

We feel that, if possible, you should attend at least one of them ( make sure to register). If you have the capability and resources to attend both then that is even better. As they are both on the West Coast it makes it a little harder for people living closer to the East Coast to attend. Do not fret if this is you. The Animal Rights National Conference rotates every year between Los Angeles & outside of Washington D.C. and that means next year the conference will be coming to the East Coast. Not to mention there are other conferences throughout the USA and the World.

Let Live conference

Animals belong to themselves, not to us. They should not suffer in our systems of food, science, entertainment and fashion. Instead, they should live free of the tyranny we put upon them. But they cannot claim this freedom alone. The Let Live NW Animal Rights Conference is a grassroots forum for people who want to help. Through an open, respectful, and friendly environment this conference will provide an opportunity for attendees to learn skills and strategies to become better advocates for the animals, no matter ones experience level in activism.

This conference is for first-timers, experienced activists, and anybody in between who hopes to make a real difference for animals and build a stronger, more effective community and animal liberation movement. This conference is for anybody who wants to live and let live.

Let Live 2008 Plenary

Let Live Conference

AR2009 conference

Animal Rights 2009 is a forum for sharing experience, reporting on progress, discussing tactics, networking & “recharging our batteries.” It brings our movement together under the banner of animal liberation from all forms of human oppression. All viewpoints that support this goal are welcome (except for advocacy of injury).

Animal Rights 2009 reflects America’s continuing concern with terror. Indeed, it is dedicated to exposing and challenging the terror perpetrated every day against billions of innocent, sentient nonhuman animals.

AR2009 Promotional Video

Animal Rights National Conference

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  1. June 18, 2009 1:26 AM

    Thanks for posting the Let Live Conference video! Great speaker!

  2. June 18, 2009 10:06 AM

    Thanks for the plug! Hope to be meeting you at AR2009!

    -Michael @ FARM

  3. November 4, 2010 10:03 AM

    veggan foods are always the best for anyones health because it is low fat and low sodium .

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