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A Request to our readers and several quick and not so quick updates., Facebook, Twitter, World Wide Vegan Bake Sale, a job for Rahzh, Farm Sanctuary,, FARM USA, and LAVA

June 5, 2009

So many updates. Where to begin?

I guess we will begin by asking something of you, our valued readers. We ask that you go to and vote for our “Fabulous falafel gyro with titillating tahini sauce” recipe. We would be extremely grateful if you would do this for us and “start spreading the news… ” (I could be the next Soy Frank Sinatra ;)) in any way that you can (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, your blog, or even by word of mouth). We originally were just submitting our recipes to their site, but saw that they had a contest going on and decided we would enter. Most, if not all of the recipes, are not Vegan and it would be awesome if a Vegan recipe won. Winning is not just based on votes, but if we get more votes more people will be more likely to check out the recipe. So winning isn’t even necessary to show people that Vegan food can be delicious.

As we mentioned we were submitting our recipes to Chow and that is because as of late we have been submitting our recipes to a bunch of different sites. Some just normal food sites that add your recipe right as you submit it and to other Vegan sites that have recipe/resource sections and have to approve your submission. So little by little we are spreading the word of tasty Vegan food as well the blog and other topics that we occasionally cover.

In spreading the word we have created a Hungry Hungry Veganos Twitter account (HHVeganos) And it has been growing pretty fast. That means we now have the blog, a Twitter account (the more recent updates can actually be seen on the side of the blog), and a Facebook page. If you know of anywhere else that is similar to Twitter and Facebook (besides Myspace) let us know.

And in submitting our recipes to various places we have actually been FEATURED multiple times. Yahoo! Our falafel and tahini gyro recipe is the recipe of the month at (we have other recipes on the site too), our pumpkin shortbread cookie recipe is the recipe of the week at LAVA, and as we mentioned in another post our lettuce wraps were featured in FARM USA’s Meatout Mondays e-Newsletter. Farm USA is the only one that archives so if you are reading this a week or month from now you won’t see our recipes being featured anymore.

And in personal news, Rahzh has a working job interview on June 8 at Farm Sanctuary for a Shelter Farm Assistant position. So everyone cross their hooves, paws, fingers, or anything else you have :D.

While we are mentioning Farm Sanctuary we should probably mention that they are having 2 bake sales as part of World Wide Vegan Bake Sale which takes place June 20-28. An excerpt about Farm Sanctuary’s bake sale:

Farm Sanctuary is holding a bake sale in New York City, on the Upper West Side, on Saturday June 27, and in Chico, California on Thursday June 25. In Ithaca, New York, on June 27, friends and colleagues will hold a bake sale to raise funds for former Farm Sanctuary employee Chuck Pappas, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year. You can read about Chuck’s story here.

Oh, and we almost forgot one last thing to mention. In the next day or two we will have a new post that is actually about food! Who would have thought. 😉

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