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Crafty? Artsy? Know Someone Who Is?

December 11, 2008

As you may have noticed this entry is not food related, but it is our blog so we make the rules ;). So, on occasion, we may post non-food related entries. But trust us, they will be worth it!

If you answered yes to any of the questions in the title then you have to check out Artella.

Artella is pretty cool and it is a creative/artsy type community. It has a forum, a gallery and members can have their own blogs (Woz’s blog is The Bubble Gum Inspiration). On top of that it has an online store (some items being sold by Artella and some items being sold by members of the community). Artella also has workshops that some people might find interesting.

Right now there is a holiday gala sale going on (banner below). eStuff (such as eBooks, eArt supplies, and workshops) is 55% off. A bunch of other items are also on sale from 5-50% off (jewelry,books,art supplies,etc). So might be worth checking out :).

*Update December 15,2008*

Artella added two more ways to save for the holiday and they are huge!

1. Save 55% off a six-month or full-year Luxury Artella Membership!

2. Save 55% off NEW Artella e-certificates! Artella e-Certificates are good on all Artella eProducts, and right now they are 55% off!

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